Show Me The Metal Czech Republic!

I had an exchange student from Czech Republic visit me in South Africa. Her last words were, “If you ever want to party – come to Prague!”
I have not been there as yet but after reading an insider scoop by A French Girl, I might just jump boats and ferries to Brutal Assault Festival!

A fortress is the desired location of Brutal Assault Festival and has said to be able to hold a capacity of 15 000 extreme Metal fans! Not only does the fortress create a labrynth but it also resembles a minature city.
2010 marked Brutal Assault’s 15th anniversary with 75 bands from around the world, 2 stages and 3 days in Josefov.

A Metal Head, French Girl shares her experience about Brutal Assault with The Metal Goat.

What were the highlights of Brutal Assault?

It was so so cheap! Everything! The ticket was around 50€, the beer is 1€ (0,5L) or maybe even cheaper, I don’t really remember, thing is you know it’s cheap so you don’t really think of it. Plus you have many brands to choose from (I did not try all but I think it’s a highlight for other Metal Heads).

You can use both Euros and Czech crowns to pay for the tokens you need for food and drinks. The rate between Euros and Czech crowns was very fair furthermore they don’t get any benefit from accepting Euros and that was very nice.
The billing was great, I think it was a good balance between well-known bands and less-known bands. I think the billing is more focused on “extreme” metal, from what I remember there were no bands like Epica or Nightwish nor bands which sound like AC/DC, Airbourne and no Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. Not many mainstream bands (you can always argue on what is mainstream and what is not, this is an endless discussion). It was more focused on death metal, hardcore and black metal.

I think the organization was cool as there was almost no pause between the two scenes and still the sound was surprisingly of good quality, with or without earplugs. Of course there were some changes in the line-up and we were informed only the very day but with so many bands I think it is something you can’t avoid. Every festival has to face this.

What were the low lights of Brutal Assault?

I think they need more money to put more lights on the camping site and on the way from the camping site to the concert area. The food was quite various in the concert area but on the camping site you did not have much of a choice. You could not even have a simple Coke there, only beer and bottles of mineral water. (That is also a good thing about this festival, they sold bottles of water!) In the concerts area you had much more choice concerning food and drinks.

What was your impression of the Bands? Will you recommend Metal Heads to go to Brutal Assault?

I think the bands were really good and as I said before the sound was of fairly good quality. I would totally recommend this festival to other Metal Heads! I think the festival really deserves it! But in a way I guess it is quite well-known already, as I felt like 50% of the people were from abroad! Of course it’s just a feeling, I don’t know the real statistics but there were so many German and Polish people. I also met some other French, English, Australian, Danish people.

On the other hand I like when you feel that it is not mainstream and I’m afraid that if the festival gets more popular, it’s going to grow mainstream.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the billing for next year because if it is good I will try to go back there! Prague is such a beautiful city! The festival is quite far from Prague (approximately 130Km) but it’s a good opportunity to see Prague either 3 days before or three days after the festival.

French Girl has expressed her opinions – now let me read your thoughts.

Brutal Assault 16th edition will be taking place on the 11-13 August 2011. Rumours and press confirmations agree with Morbid Angel, Suicidal Tendencies, Kvelertak and Trigger the Bloodshed as 2011 headliners. 
For more information, please visit

Metal Heads are feeling the steeeel! Throwing a Goat Horn to the readers in Norway and ofcourse – French Girl!

Yours Truly – The Metal Goat


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