Show Me The Metal Canada!

Webbed feet, long teeth and a broad tail – now that is one awesome rodent species out of Canada.  Go Beaver!

Heavy MTL
The Heavy MTL festival started in 2008 in Montreal. It is a two day festival and has featured the likes of Mötley Crüe, Iron Maiden, 3 Inches of Blood and Anthrax. In 2009 the show was cancelled due to many Metal Acts hosting private shows in Canada but in 2010 the Heavy MTL festival expanded with more stages and more sponsorships.
However, this is one of the few festivals that also support fundraising events and create smaller scale shows in non-festival time. That is a huge part of Heavy MTL’s success and judging from the Twitter Tweets – it can only get better. Sadly, no bands have been announced for 2011  but the dates have been given.

Noctis Valkyries Metal Festival

Scarab productions host the annual Metal festival in Calgary. The festival history dates to 2007 with Noctis Valkyries the First, hosting local and international bands. In 2009, a unique aspect to the festival was added and it was the conference room. The Metal Music conference room included many workshops on band management, DIY recording, live interviews with Noctis Bands, items of interest in regards to Metal and a photography seminar.
In all honesty, Noctis sounds like it was created by the fans for the fans. Scarab productions really knew how to target a market and sell, sell, sell.

The 2011 festival is yet to be officially announced so click on the link to keep updated and snoop around for conference dates.

Fun facts: Sam Dunn and Scott McFadyen own a Toronto based production company called Banger Films Inc. They both explored the stereotypes and the history of Metal in the Headbangers Journey documentary. In 2008, Global Metal was released in which Metal is shown beyond the borders and how it is being transformed in different cultures; some cultures accept it and some don’t.
If you have watched either of these productions – leave a comment.

In the next Blog – Metal festivals in Colombia and Czech Republic.

Yours Truly – The Metal Goat


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