Spellbound By The Metal

You know those strange kids who nobody talks to yet always talks about? Well, I had the unfortunate luck of having to sit next to the teenage dirtbag during Math class. He was strange alright and he used to sneak his Walkman into classes. It was that – that gadget and Mr. Dork – which gave me perspective into Music. There was more than the Backstreet Boys!

I remember the first CD that Mr. Dork let me borrow. He said if I ever lost it, he would be very very angry and those flames on the Album art will be my reality. That first Metal CD was the last of Pantera’s works. How I treasured “Reinventing the Steel” even if it was for 48 hours.

The next CD that he let me borrow was Metallica’s “Load” album. I was in Metal Heaven! Until it sleeps remained in my blood and that has and always will be my favourite Metallica song.
There used to be a radio show dedicated to Rock Music. The DJ always made a point of saying “lock your daughters away – let the hair down – it is time to bring Black the Sabbath”. It took me years to decipher that but now I know better, R.I.P Ronnie James Dio. It is because of you I throw the Goat Horns when listening to Iron Man!

Over the years, I met wayward souls who bob their heads in unison and that is how I met the Live Music Society. That distinct group of people gave me something to be very happy about and my Metal knowledge expanded! Running to local Metal shows (Chromium at Die Taphuis!) and even attempting to manage a Metal Band – the Good Days indeed! It is primarily because of the Live Music Society that I have developed such passion for music and I have several people to thank for that including http://furiouslydancing.wordpress.com/

So, how did the Metal start for you?

Yours Truly – The Metal Goat

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With a Trail Of Insects (I follow)

All my friends have started Blogging. They blog about their beautiful lives or sins, their passion or their sense of fashion either way – they using the World Wide Web to communicate with the masses.

I would like to communicate with the masses too or at least to those 3 people (including my mother) who reads my Blog.

Here is the catch – my Blog has nothing to do with my sinful life rather it has everything to do with my sinful music.  Actually, it is not sinful music – it is Brutal, Heavy and Metal!
In other words, it is filled with beautiful screams, guitar riffs, hairy men and gorgeous women. Welcome to the world of sex, drugs and metal.

Yours Truly – The Metal Goat

Ps. I am new around here. Throw me a Horn if you want me to write something Metal.